Matthews Restaurant is a delightful vaal river restaurant with a rustic feel and loads of flavours. It rightfully shows off scenic views unique to this bend of the Vaal River. The place blends cuisine with a tasty outcome that appeals to the locals as well as Riviera on Vaal Hotel guests.

Matthews is located on the ground floor of the premium Riviera on Vaal Resort, a vaal river resort that’s easy to find with a short drive from Johannesburg spanning just a mere 45 minutes. The enjoyment of great wine and delicious food is inevitable here. Relish a menu that is a great balance of favourite South African dishes with the interpretation of the Executive Chef. Enjoy full breakfast buffets, Sunday lunch buffets and themed dinners while you are wooed by beautiful views.

In addition, Matthews Restaurant is completely child friendly equipped with an entertaining kiddies play area as well as an outdoor jungle gym – perfect for family fun. Your family can come and enjoy a treat while creating beautiful memories in the unbelievable surroundings of this vaal river restaurant. Matthews offers exclusive riverfront celebrations, adding a charming element to birthdays, anniversaries or any other type of special celebration.

The restaurant’s interior is elegantly furnished and oozes luxury. A noteworthy feature is the Matthews Lounge and bar area where patrons can enjoy coffee brewed to perfection as well as refreshing cocktails. You can chill here for pre-dinner drinks or finish off your dinner conversation with a strong cup of coffee.

A bottle of Le Pommier wine is always available at this vaal river restaurant, the easy-to-drink range is a great complement to any meal.

This vaal river restaurant is versatile as it draws and appeals to a varied clientele. Be it corporate functions for the businessman, couples on romantic getaways, families seeking a child friendly restaurant or even a city dwelling guests needing a weekend break away. It impresses all with dedicated attention to detail and spot-on service.

Be sure to make a booking to experience a vaal river restaurant that has your personalised hospitality in mind!

Matthews Restaurant Menu

Matthew’s Restaurant offers mouth watering buffet’s every Sunday afternoon

A refreshing river restaurant that satisfies al fresco diners sits tastily on the terrace of the Riviera on Vaal Resort. Enjoying the open air afforded by wonderful Vaal River views, Matthews Terrace Café dazzles with a light menu that’s big on taste and experience. Here outdoor dining becomes a simple pleasure afforded by wonderful weather.

Delight in the Hotel’s terrace garden, a fragrant and visual heaven when in bloom...this is the ideal place to relax with a good meal. The river restaurant is often chosen for business lunches, mid-morning coffees as well as sundowners after work. It offers many possibilities for unending chill-out sessions with friends appreciating the goodness of life.

Especially favoured in the warmer seasons, Matthew Terrace Café aims to please. Bring your friends and family and enjoy the river restaurant together. There’s so much to do even if you are pressed for time: afternoon coffee and cake for a catch-up session with your girlfriends; a quick cocktail with your workmates after clinching an important deal or lunch with your husband just the two of you. The dining experiences are spectacular because the river restaurant is right on the’s definitely a fun dining place.

Do pop in for the view, good drinks, tasty food and refreshing atmosphere.